Many 100km+ triangles. Amazing conditions.

A fanstastic day yesterday with light winds and good Cu at around 3500m.  5 of our group flew over the Pass then back, with Ralph making the most of things with a 127km closed circuit triangle and Steve B, not far behind, Both having more than 6 hours in the air.  The best flight of the day was made by Rico Chandra with a 167km triangle flying past Munoglanind the taking TPs on the Gredos Chain.  A phenomenal flight.  Today things will be complicated by the tour of Spain (Cycle Race) passing take of at the time we would normally be getting under way.

Biggest of day

Ralphs track

Another Big day. 100km + triangles.

Another classic day with light wind and climbs to over 3500m.  We initially set Avila and return but the Cu conditions decayed half way along the Avila valley.  Some of us landed in Avila, others turned earlier, Ralph making it back to Barco then home with a closed triangle of 103km.  The most spectacular flight made of the day (not in our group) made by Reynauld with a whopping 117km FAI triangle making a turnpoing on the Gredos

some of the groups tracks

Ralph 105km triangle

FAI triangle

Segovia 115km PB X2.

A great day with climbs to over 3500m and decent Cu.  Or origional goal to the North was adapted and we continued to Segovia, though with a light headwind so it was slow going and nearly a 6 hour flight.  Richard and I landed on the outskirts of Segovia. A PB for Richard in time and Open Distance.  Not far back near the 100km mark were Gordon, Steve B and Ralph.  Mike reached Avia for a PB flying his A class lightweight Glider.

Segovia , some tracks

Towards the west.

A very pleasant day with a light NW but conditions rather weak earlier on so a number of early landings.  Myself , Ralph and Gordon took a highish climb near Barco with around 40 vultures and decided to check out conditons towards the Cherry Tree valley.  However, as things looked stable there we decided to land in the big easy field on the way.

Spectacular evening flying with a big restitution.


New PB for Hans. 115km on low B Ion5.

After plenty of 55km flights to Avila this year, Hans made a big flight of 115km with a climb of over 4000m in the approaching front line.  As the shadow of the front and wind came in from the west it kicked off a line of lift ahead of it which we were able to fly fast and without turning for a glide of around 60km + after the initial struggles in quite stable conditions.

Hans’s flight


New PB for Bob, and Richard to Avila and back to La Torre.

Whilst I was doing the airport drop off and collection (Sunday 26th)the group had a goal to Avila….and back some before a land by time of 5.30.  Bob, on his lightweight Gin A class glider made it over the pass with a new PB of 42km.  Richard, more of a veteran on his D class made it someway back from Avila.

Excellet evening flying as well.


Towards Barco and towards Avila

Most of us went west towards Barco, Chris making the 40km O&R.  Hans went the other way at flew 49km to the Avila direction.

Today no storms, but yesterday just local flying due to the large Cbs later in the afternoon.

Cbs, but Ricard makes around 50km.

Very quick Cb development at launch with showed rain in the valley before 12.30.  Myself, Nigel and Faisal choose not to fly, but the others were off early enough for a quick safe flight down or away towards Barco.  Richard however carried on, escaping to the north away from the rather dramatic electrical storm near in our valley.  In my opinion not a sensible day to fly paralgliders XC. However, he did show what they are capable of doing even in such adverse conditions!

Richard’s flight

71km for Richard.

We set a goal of 90km, but the conditions soon became too problematic with large congestus forming behind launch and to the south of the Avila valley.  Most of us flew around the valley , taking an early landing before things got too exciting.  Richard, somewhat more intrepid than the rest of us went over the Pass, keeping ahead of the deteriorating conditions to make 71km.

5 hours triangle for Nigel and Faisal.

A high quality thermal day with tops around 3200m and with very little wind.  Most of us did circuits around the valley, those doing most being Faisal and Nigel with over 5hours each.  Here is Faisals track below.

Faisals track








Faisal 1

Faisal 2


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