XC Open 2009


Task 7. 180km and Paul Tomassi overall winner

September 7th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Today at task 7 we had some of the best flying conditions in this week. Urs Dubach was landing at around 180km at 18:30. We had a very late prize giving at around 12.30am as many competitors did not get back till around midnight. The overall winner of the Piedrahita event was Paul Tomassi (CHE), […]

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Task 7. Mega convergence conditons

September 6th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

The majority of the pilots have headed off for Avila in an epic looking Cu filled sky to over 3000m.  Adrian has reported that he is on the way back as there are NE winds low down.  More later………..

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Task 6. 138.6km Martin Muller, and 92.9 for Oli Pipe on DHV1.2

September 6th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Fantanstic conditions with convergence along the high peaks.  Some amazing flights, with various routes taken.  Ari (Fin) went to the Gredos peaks and flew to Pedro Bernardo before returnin g the Barco Valley. The day Winner, Martin Muller flew to near Avila then back to the Tornavacas pass. Our long time client Oli Pipe nearly […]

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136km Out and Return from – Avila and back beyond Barco

September 5th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Paul Tomassi and Reynald Mumenthaler, the competition leaders, came back from a 6.5 hr flight towards Avila and back to a landing near Tornavacas Pass. Distances were 136km for Paul and 133km for Reynald. A day with not an outstanding cloudbase, but very good and consistent thermal conditions.

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Task 4. 99.9km

September 4th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

A very slow start yesterday, with soarable winds from around 12am, but few thermals and climbs to only a few 100m above take off.  Many pilots chose to to ridge run, using up some of their 3 turnpoints, to get some distance in before conditons improved. Best flight of the day was by Klaus Guenter […]

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Task 3, 112km

September 3rd, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

A day with relatively low cloud base, and plenty of bomb outs around Villafranca and Villatoro.  However, Paul Tomassi (CHE) managed the best flight by reaching the lake north of Avila then following the line of restricted airspace directly south. Today, Thursday looks flyable, but a little more inverted, with less chance of going above […]

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Task 2. 92.5 km.

September 2nd, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

A day with around 15-20km WSW at at take off with Cu and high level clouds comming across to weaken the conditions.  Pilots were getting climbs to 3000m but the switch to more NW conditions in Avila made it impossible to push north around the airpace, so most did zig zags in the Ambles Valley […]

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1st Task. 151.8km and 4000m cloud base

August 31st, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Good flying conditions with a cloud base of 4000 m – the task was Open Distance via 3 free choosen turnpoints. Day winner was Reynald Mumenthaler CHE with a flight of 15.8 km, closely followed by Kacper Kowalski POL in only 400m distance. Both pilots flew a completely different route.  Kacper did a large triangle […]

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First day of XC Open. High Base.

August 30th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

I am on the ground for the next 8 days as Meet Director for the  3rd Piedrahita XC Open. Looks like I am missing and going to miss some great flying. The pilots were off around 12.45pm, with winds increasing at take off quite quickly, causing problems for many on launch.  Curiously, the wind eased […]

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