Weather for week 23rd to 30th September.

Although we did not have groups during this period, I think it worth making a note of the flying conditons of the week for future reference.

The week was almost wholly flyable with decent XC conditions each day except the Wednesday when we suffered storms.  Thursday to Sunday were particularly good, with Climbs to 3000m+.  The 1st of October was the first non flyable day for a while with strong NE winds.

Avila and back to Poveda (nr Pass) for Tim

After last week, flying each day except Saturday.  This week we managed to fly both Monday (Navalacruz and PN) and Tuesday (PN), before the clouds got out of control, but just local flying.  Today (Wednesday) with a nice light wind forecast Tim was able to spend much of the day in the air on his flight to Avila and back most of the way to the Pass.  I stayed local running the other pilots up the hill (4 times) whilst Ester collected Tim.  This week we have a demo of the Psi tenor (thanks Parapente Factory and Lodi).   Here is a pic of me Steve flying it below.

110km out and return. 2 X PBs

Fantastic conditons with a very light NW wind and Cu at around 3300m.  After arriving at Avila, Nigel, Steve Wand Jamie turned aroound for the return (Jonothan, Dolf and myself landing at Avila).  Dominique landed high up in the Sierra de Paramera on the south of the Avila valley…something never done before…and never again I hope!

Steve W did not get back over the Pass, but Nigel and Jamie arrived at the Piedrahita goal field around 7pm for their PB’s of 120km O&R in around 6.5 hours.

Nigel and Jamie. Heroes of he day.

Jamie, Steve W and Nigel’s flights

Avila for Dolf

Many of us were put down at the pass in the shade but Dolf coming up behind on the 2nd flight made it over in the sunshine and onto Avila.  Robin did an out and return from near the Pass.  On a second flight many of those bombing first time at the Pass made it over and to within 10km of Avila

Navalacruz and Lastra.

This morning a trip to Navalacruz (SE).  Only Jonothat made a decent XC flying 15km to the Chia landing field.  Later we flew at lastra, just a big fo ridge soaring in the light conditons at the end of the day.

Monday 10th. Flights to West.

Most of us flew down to Baco, with Jamie continueing along the ridge further north to Becedas.  A nice day with good Cu and climbs to around 2600m.  Later int he afternoon the wind wend SE, so we went to Chia for the eveing flight.  Quite along walk up as the condition of the track no longer allows us to get the vehicles up.

Trying every site and final success.

A moderate SE forecast but  expecting to come onto PN; which it did. However, we tried Lastra early on, arriving just as some Swiss pilots successfully went XC after which the wind went over the back.   Later back at PN, most go off, but not all before it went over the back.  We then had a drive to Navalacruz, a site I have not flown for 23 years.  A nice site.  Steve B and I made over 3000m and flew along the south site of Serrota landing at after a little more soaring at Chia (some 14kms away).   Best flight of the day from PN was 80km.

Below also the remarkable 185km flight made by one of the Swiss yesterday.

85k from PN

Evening flights from Navalacruz

yesterdays 185km flight

Flights down to Barco.

We set a modest goal at Barco and got underway very early with the Cu forming just some 50m or so above launch height.   A very interesting run and most made it in the first attempt, though a few a little short.  The day actually improved for a while enabling those who landed early to get a second attempt and even a second for some who returned from the Barco goal.  However, no evening flight as the clouds finally developed to form rain

3 days of local flying.

From Monday to Wednesday this week we have been restricted to local flying due to the build up of large clouds and Cbs.  Yesterday did offer some hope, and some of the Swiss made 130km to the North, however there were large thunderstoms in the area.  Hopefully after today things will improve a little.

200km for Ralph and the Tour of Spain bike race

Sunday for me is the changeover day and a journey to Madrid Airport.  Meanwhile back at launch the Tour of Spain was due to go through around 2.30pm.  With all the TV helicopters it meant there was no flying as that particular circus passed by.  Ralph, The Provincial League and some hot swiss pilots got away before.  Ralph finally made his 200km, the Swiss making something more over the 200km mark.

An evening fight for the new arrivals

Ralph’s Track

Biggest of day

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