Increasing upper level cloud. Thermals tops c10.500ft. 2xPBs 70.8km


1500 hrs. temp max 29ºC

Section to Segovia/time/conditions

An approaching low pressure system and associated warm front is approaching from the south west which will lead to thickening upper level clouds as the day progresses. With top temperature of 29ºC we still should get potential thermal tops to 10,500ft, with Cu possibly forming in convergence areas and parts of the mountain at c11.600ft. Weak thermal climbs to do shading and SW winds or around 15-20km/hr.

What can we do? A slow day but still posibilities for a flight to Avila. Direction is also good to continue beyond towards Segovia,al though the thermal day is unlikely long enough.

What Happened?

Although we had a lot of cirrus and alto startus and Alto cumulus lenticularis shadowing out the sun we still had some fantastic smooth climbs to near 10,000ft. Although the sky looked windy with the lenticulars that was really down to the approaching warm front with wind in the Ambles valley very light. Only Oliver, Alister, Mick and myself escaped the Pass. Mick and Oliver made their PBs with around the 70km mark.

The evening flight was a bit late with near catabatic conditions, only Iain managing a bit of a climb.




Posted: Monday, September 17th, 2012 at 07:37 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal, Personal Bests (PBs).

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