126km Race to Goal Circuit. Improving conditions

Today we set a circuit to Avila then back to near the Menga Pass then to Amavida Goal. There were approx 30km of positioning along the mountain before the start gate opened at 3pm, with then 90km of a very fast and demanding race. The leaders reached the Avila TP around 4.20pm, followed by the vast majority of the field. With the headwind component back to the Menga Pass the field thinned, though the leaders were reaching the last TP by 5.30pm. Some used the mountains, and other took a straighter route over the flats. The last leg was into around 10-15km headwind, some finding a lifty line and making it with ease, many others, who looked on a good line dropping within a few hundred meters of the Goal.
Wim Verhoeve, who was winning the overall event at the end of task 3 got to goal in the first group so may maintain his lead. First in was also yesterdays task winner, Marco Littame.
Tomorrow the weather is looking superb, with a very high thermal quality and little wind from the south. I will have to underset the task as being the last day we need pilots back quite early to arrange the prize giving. Futher details with scores and further details of each days task can be found at //www.piedrahita2011.com/

Posted: Friday, July 16th, 2010 at 20:00 by Steve Ham in Pre-Worlds 2010.

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