PB for Rob. Avila at last!

Top score for Rob today with a 42minute flight in the morning scratch, then a whopping flight to Avila (over the walls and cathedral) on the XC flight.

Only Dave, Ian, Rob and myself managed to get over the pass in some very light and stable condtions running up to it.  At the pass Rob, Dave and myself got a climb to 2900m, but Ian got ¨pass rush¨, and seeing the ¨promised land¨ rushed over a little low landing at Villatoro on the other side.

We had great and easy run to Avila, climbing to just over 3000m near Muñogalindo.  We decided to land at Avila as it was 6pm and we wanted to get back for the evening flight for the others.

A great end to a week which had some very low points (loads of days of a very strong southerly).   Next week is looking very nice though.

Pete, our driver made his first flight again after getting all his kit and van stolen over winter.  He has been building up his equipment over the last months (a new Sport 4, and his gift from Paul Russell -a Kamasutra harness).  A good evening flight.  The first of many for him we hope.

Posted: Saturday, July 25th, 2009 at 20:37 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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4 Responses to “PB for Rob. Avila at last!”

  1. Pat Rowley Says:

    sorry to hear of Pete getting his gear stolen – he is a GOOD BLOKE! and I’m pleased he has new stuff
    enjoy your flying now Pete

  2. Pete Says:

    Just Like to thank Steve, Puri, and everybody else for the support over the previous months. Was A great evening flight for me, supurb harness, Paul, thank you, look forward to many more flights, once again thank you all. blue skys fluffy clouds 😉

  3. Garry & Catherine Says:

    Yey – well done Rob, you airgod you!! (How on earth am I going to follow that one?…) C&Gx

  4. Em Says:

    Great news on the XC! I’m really pleased that you all got some good flying in the end!

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