Yet another flyable day with Mike as hero

Light NW with climbs to 3300m.  On the second XC flight most of us fizzled out at the Long Bar, but Mike took a mega climb to 3300m and crossed the pass, but landed at the same spot after the pass as on Monday.  An evening flight with some unusual cloud formations……..looking much like mamattus, but without the storm.  A bit unnerving, but smooth and OK.

Posted: Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 19:49 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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One Response to “Yet another flyable day with Mike as hero”

  1. Alexander KW Says:

    Well done Mike. But the blog for August 9th omits mention of:-

    The Lucky Vario of Puri
    Say goodby to going-down-in-the-sink misery. The Luck Vario of Puri ensures you find the lift and go up and up.

    This success can be yours for 0 Euros – though you need to say ‘please’ really nicely.

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