Message for Johan. (French Translation)

Here is the english text for a french translation Johan.  Not word for word, but basically the same.  
The video is here:

This is for one of my San Hillarie festival entries.  If the weather is as bad as we expect tomorrow, perhaps you can help me with it.

Sir James Mallinson.  Lord of the Himalayas.

Ok, so we are here with Jim Mallinson and he is often called Lord of the Himalayas.

Jim, Tell us why you like flying in the Himalayas. Where do you fly?
Well I have got a house (house turning in image) in Bir, so I base myself there.  And I think it is probably the best place in the world to fly.
People hear about the Himalayas and think, God, it has got to be the knarliest (very rough)(this coincides with the paraglider tearing in half) paragliding place in the world.
But actually, as far as I am concerned, Bir (sounds like Beer the drink in english…here we see the pouring of the glass) is the easiest place to fly.
The air is so predictable.. and the people so wonderful (lots of love hearts here)…and there is quite good infrastructure… but you don’t really even need it since you nearly always  take of have a fantastic flight and end up where you started.
And you can gauge it, you can have as much as you want.  Depends.. if you are feeling intrepid you can go over the back and you are flying over 5000m peaks over glaciers and Ice (Here the Ice cub and the fly).
And you still end up generally where you started. (image reaching start again)
And if your not happy with that you can blat (fly) along around the front.
You will be flying with huge raptors, Lamageirs and Himalayan Griffon Vultures.
You are on a main ridge that goes for about 100km and every 5km there is a spur running off of it… and at about perfect take off height a grassy clearing which you can easily top land on.
There might be some shepherds there, especially the time of year we fly,  October, There are normally shepherds coming down from 6 months in the high mountains.
So if you want you can camp out with them.
They are normally pleased to see you, especially if you bring them a bag of SUGAR since their sugar has normally run out by then.
And they will look after you and regale you with tales of the high mountains and you can take off in the morning and carry on.
And in a word how would you sum it up?
A word?.  There is a good Hindi Sandskrit word.   Bliss.
At the end of the video there is some written text also.

Posted: Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 18:02 by Steve Ham in Animation and Illustration, Videos.

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