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Light winds and good thermals to near 3000m. Hopefully we will have a good day today. Paul Russell has just arrived and along with Bryan Hindle we will give it a go. No retrieve as I am taking Jorge our driver on the tandem to try an XC on the new Magnum 2. Further tracker testing now the Mastermind behind it (Paul) is here.

Description of Bryan’s Flight

Bryan's flight around the valley

I launched into the gentle, warm lifty air to spend the next four hours in a nice easy circuit around the Piedrahita valley.  For those of you familiar with Piedrahita, I set off down towards the pass, following Steve Ham. We flew together as far as the zig zag road, Steve trialling his new tandem, with Jorge. It was Jorge’s first flight at midday, and he was looking forward to it.  I was some distance behind Steve, as he set off towards Bonilla de la Sierra, and I could see he wasn’t finding any lift.  I made a decision to take a slightly different route. I had occasional radio contact from Steve, confirming that they knew my location, because of the innovative “Live Tracking” system, established by Paul Russell.  You will soon be able to follow all flights at Piedrahita.  I found plenty of lift, but unfortunately Steve didn’t, and landed after 13km.  I carried on towards Puente del Congosto with easy climbs all the way.  At this stage, the sky could go from good cumulus clouds to blue so glides were a leap of faith that there would be a thermal.  Now flying downwind, I pushed back to takeoff.  I could see a few people below me taking off for an evening flight,  and after four hours in the air decided to land, as I knew the wife had the evening meal ready!!!  😉   I definitely think that the “Live Tracking” made a difference to my decision making in flight as I had no anxiety about landing out, and no-one knowing where I was.  Another great days flying at Piedrahita.

Posted: Thursday, May 24th, 2012 at 08:10 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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