3100m+ Classic days

Yesterday was a bit breezy early on but with superb Cu development .  Some pilots flew to the W to the N or Bejar, but most stayed local.

Today (Thursday) a very good day with light winds from the N and superb Cus dotted around the sky.  Most are trying a training race task around the valley, but some have gone down the Cherry Tree Valley and are now well south around the 150km mark (Pepe Maleki).  It would have been a classic race day if…..

Tomorrow and Saturday and going well into next week are the onkin´ stonking days of July we have been waiting for.  Light SW tomorrow so convergence guaranteed for 200km + flights.  I don´t feel much like spending the day in the van tomorrow.

The spanish Federation mailed to all autonomous regions today prohibiting the use of Open Class Gliders in competitions in Spain.  Calvo has been of to the UK, and via the forums it seems that the UK has gone that way for the moment as well.

Posted: Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 17:13 by Steve Ham in 2011 World Championship, Flying Journal.

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