220km yesterday and 2X200+ today

One of the Polish team made 220km yesterday (he attended the prize giving from the air).  I know, since I collected him o his long retrieve (a hotel last night and hitching all day today till I came across him at Muñogalindo (there was no retrieve yesterday).

We are now of course only around 40 pilots.  With the light wind SW forecast, the probably racing task would have ended back in Piedrahita.  However, we gave pilots the option for retrieves along the axix of the N110.  Some such as Josh Cohn made it back from Avila with a 100km O&R.  2 other American pilots (Jack and Greg) were still flying half an hour ago ate the 200km mark and at 3000m, so I imagine they will bag at least 240km.  No meet directing for me today, just the weather brief and suggestions.  I then did a bit of Air Marshalling/Safety Patrol along the mountain, then later the retrieve driver role.   Paul Russell our hard working IT web man finally got in the air after almos 2 weeks being locked in darkness dealing with registration, web and presentation demands.

Weather tomorrow may be not so good, but from Wednesday looking very nice again.

Posted: Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at 19:33 by Steve Ham in 2011 World Championship.

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One Response to “220km yesterday and 2X200+ today”

  1. Jakub Suchecki Says:

    All the best for you Steve and the team in these difficult days.
    See you in september.


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