First Task. 154km to Arcones. c80+ arrivals

A good day for the classic run to Arcones with top  of the convection layer not much over 3000m for much of the course.  This will have simplified the problems of staying within the Notam area (max 3048m).   Following the  live tracking was pretty exciting at the end seeing that final glide in and also the route taken around various parts of the course to effectivly navigate the airspace.  Matts  Elisasson from Sweden was first in to goal.  A great result.  His training here during the Nationals a few weeks ago seems to have paid off.   Later we will see what GAP does to the scores.  This morning the parameters needed to be tweeked after we gave too much leeway to the Team Leaders on setting them.  The nominal distance is still way high for a pg event, though will make little difference for a task such as this.

One reserve incident with a tree landing with no injury to the pilot early on in the course near Las Marias (Navaescurial).

Posted: Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 at 18:59 by Steve Ham in 2011 World Championship.

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One Response to “First Task. 154km to Arcones. c80+ arrivals”

  1. Pat Rowley Says:

    the live tracking is brilliant
    good luck with the competition, it’s so exciting

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