Offical Training Day

A classic day with Cu to just over 3000 and light NW winds.  Shame it was not a comp day. I set a short 66km course around the valley with a pre start point then start at the Wooden House.   The often flown course crossing and opening out towards the valley and goal in Piedrahita.   When I left goal there were around 50+ arrivals with more on their way.

My nerves are  quite  frazzled after the TL briefing over ran and our arrival at take off was delayed and hence pilots had to cope with the increasing wind at take off (Averaging 18km/hr, though with occational peaks to 33km/hr towards the end of launch Window).  One reserve deployment reported (with no further consequences) near the penulitmate turnpoint at Hoyoredondo, but reported quickly and effectively by a pilot in the air and almost simultaneously by Team Leaders from France and Switzerland before the parachute had even reached the ground.

No live tracking today.   Tomorrow we get going for real.

Posted: Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 17:54 by Steve Ham in 2011 World Championship.

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2 Responses to “Offical Training Day”

  1. Mike Thomas Says:

    Well done to you all!

  2. Colin Hughes Says:

    Hi Steve and Co
    The live tracking works great on google earth.
    I am following the first tasks.

    Main group taking the northan rout (no mans land) and the current leaders on the Anvila southen rout.
    I expect the ones taking the northan route have the advantage of no airspace dogleg.

    Armchair paragliding.

    Got my gear yet?


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