85km race to goal……..and 255 km for the Wind dummy!

Our wind dummy Robert Vandenbegine(BE) was going back home today after a few days practice before the Worlds.  He made a good section of his return home in the air, landing near Soria at 255km.

On the competition side, well, a more modest 85km race, starting with a circuit along the mountain then a race with a dog leg to the N or the Sierra de Avila and goal in Avila.   The lead gaggle reported a final glide at 95km/hr.   Great racing conditions, and around 40 in when I left.

Fist into goal was the young and very talented  Francis Reina (E).  The day winner was Balazs Vertes (Hungary) who won on his leader points.

Another couple of parachutes today.  One glider threw, then collided with another.  Both pilots were fine.  Though it seem we are having an average of 2 per day (though today not 2 liners).

A good day, though appearing somewhat tricky early on has just got better and better  with an outstanding Cu filled sky now at 7.50pm.

Posted: Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 18:51 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal, Spanish Nationals 2011.

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