Not such a good day

The day had great promise with a SE flow and a base rising to 4000m in the afternoon, though with deepening low pressure.  The wind came on the hill aroud 12, but was fickle, threatening to waver over the back.   Good Cu formation soon cast shadows over the slope, cutting further the anabatic flow and making the cycles at take off more scarce.   During a good period of a gentle wind comming onto lauch we rigged and I went off straight into lift infront of take off, though at this stage the valley upto Piedrahita was in compete shadow.   Unfortunately the wind switched to over the back at launch not allowing anyone else to take off while I was still in the air.   Within 15 minutes I had bombed, the climbs being very slow or non existent.   Only Dr Mike and Nigel managed to get off the hill,  Mike managing a good climb but then landing near San Miguel.   Rob tried to get off, but clipped a rock just past the road huring his ankle, though not to seriously.

As the wind stayed resolutely over the back we went to Chia for some soaring.    Very light conditions but stayupable.  Unfortunately on landing Gary connected with a a dry stone wall with his recently repaired ankle so is now in considerable pain.

Posted: Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 22:22 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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  1. Phil Mackereth Says:

    would that be Dr Mike (Michael Rossdale) there with you? If so please pass on my best wishes to him.


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