PB for Anton to Avila. Light N 3600m+

A great day with base over 3600m in the flats towards the end of the day with Cu forming only over the high mountains around 4200m.  Conditons in the valley were uncharacteristically weak early on, claiming a few early bomb outs.  Anton, Mike, Nigel and myself went over the pass flying into a light headwind (NE-SE).  AlthoughI wanted to fly back around Muñana, Anton pushed on for his PB.  Mike likewise didnt fancy going back over the pass.  After Mike landed near the Y junction near Avila, Nigel an I too a big climb and flew back towards Piedrahita, now with a bit of a tailwind.  We got down early though so that we could get the other guys up for an evening flight.

Posted: Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 at 20:47 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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  1. Emily Rawlinson Says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m glad to hear the weather has improved and you’re all flying well! Plese try to hold some of the thermals back for next week for the rest of us 🙂
    I hope Catherine and Gary are having a great time and I really can’t wait to see them Sunday!

    Happy days!
    Em x

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