Flying to Madrid

Airlines and Flights

The nearest airport to Piedrahita is Barajas in Madrid, 190km from Piedrahita.

There are direct flights to all the main European capitals and to several UK cities. These are the main flights from the UK:

Not updated for 2017 yet, Sorry!

These flights are known to be available in 2017:

Ryanair FR3187 Manchester 06:30 - Madrid 10:05 T1 : Ryanair FR3186 MAD10.40 T1 - Manchester 12:20

British Airways BA0512 LHR 0915 - Madrid 1240 T4 : BA0457 Madrid 1050 T4S - Heathrow

Easyjet 8277 Gatwick 12:05 - Madrid 15:40 T1 : Easyjet 8278 Madrid 16:35 T1 - Gatwick 18:00

Airlines flying To Madrid from the UK
Airline Fly From Departs Arrives Notes
easyjet Bristol 14:25 17:35
Edinburgh 18:50 22:45Too late, but you could arrive the day before, information on Hotels in Madrid here.
Liverpool 13:10 16:40
London Gatwick 09:30 12:55
London Luton 06:45 10:15Depending on the other arrival times, you may have time for a quick look around Madrid. See here for information on left luggage and the metro.
British Airways london Heathrow Multiple choices
London Gatwick 09:00 12:30
Iberia london Heathrow Multiple choices
Air Comet Logowww.aircomet.comlondon Gatwick 10:10 13:40
Ryan Air London Stansted08:30 12:00
Liverpool No Flights on Sunday, but you could arrive the day before, information on Hotels in Madrid here.

We check these details regularly, if you notice any errors, please contact us so that we can update the information.

This is not an exhustive list, it is possible to fly with other airlines, but this will probably not be a direct flight. We would recommend you to get a direct flight if possible as there is less chance of your luggage going astray.


Luggage Problems

Travelling with a paraglider is sure to take you near or over your baggage allowance. In this section we provide information on the baggage allowance policies of the airlines most commonly used to fly to Madrid. These are the official airline restrictions, and are applied at the discretion of the check-in clerk. We believe this information is correct, but please check the 'small print' when you book.


Easyjet now charges for each item of 'check-in' luggage per journey. This is 7.50 if pre-paid, more if you pay at the airport. This includes a 20kg weight allowance. Note that if you pay for extra bags your weight allowance is not increased.

The only restriction on hand luggage is the size, 55x40x20cm, there is no weight restriction, you must be able to lift it into the overhead storage locker without assistance. So the cheapest option is to load all your heavy items into your hand luggage and make sure your checked in luggage is less than 20kg.Strictly speaking, you should also pay an additional charge of 16.50 for a paraglider as it is classed as sports equipment, but how would they know unless they look in the bag?

This sports equipment charge gives you an additional weight allowance of 12kg, so it may be cheaper for you to opt for this, rather than pay the excess baggage charge which is 8/kg or 6/kg if pre-paid.

Easyjet also add extra charges of 5.45 for credit cards and 1.95 for debit cards, so when you add the cost of all the additional charges, the flight with this 'low cost' airline may not be any cheaper than travelling with B.A. who have a wider choice of flight times.

British Airways

British Airways have changed their baggage restrictions for 2009. The hand luggage size limit is 56x45x25cm, there is no weight restriction, you must be able to lift it into the overhead storage locker without assistance. There is a 23kg weight limit on check-in luggage and you will need to pay 25 for each bag that is over this limit. The size limit is 90x43x75cm, which should include most paraglider bags.

Air Comet

The official baggage restrictions are a follows: hand luggage dimensions may not exceed 55x40x20 cm and the weight limit is 10kgs. The check-in baggage allowance for economy class is 20kg, with an excess baggage charge of ~8/kg.


Ryanair allow one piece of hand luggage, maximum weight 10kg and maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. They charge for each checked-in bag, 9.50 for the first bag and 19 for a second bag if booked on-line, 12 if paid at the airport.

Any passenger exceeding their 15kg personal checked baggage allowance will be charged 14/kg. They say that large items of sports equipment are, "inherently unsuitable for carriage by airlines operating fast turnarounds such as Ryanair", They charge an extra 28.50 if you pre-book or 38 if they decide to impose this at the airport.


Left Luggage Office

If you are planning a trip into Madrid, you may find it easier to leave the bulk of your luggage at left luggage at the airport. Here is some information that may help.

There are three left luggage offices at the airport: the first in T1, the second in T2 and the third in T4. The link to the airport website is here...

Price for locker rental:

  • Part or whole of one day*: 3.83 (large and small locker);
  • From two to five days - per day: large locker, 4.92; small locker 3.83.

(* All or part of a day: period between the time deposited and midnight of the same day, it is charged per calendar day)

There are lockers specifically designed to deposit large objects such as bicycles, surfboards, etc.

Telephone: 913 936 805. Open 24 hours.

Look for signs to 'Consigna'.