Amazing conditions and 4500m

What a day.  Quite remarkable.  After the Pass near Muñana, Nigel and I climbed to 4500m then flew without turning to Avila then pretty much back to the same spot without dropping much below 3900m. We for sure did not continue beyond Avila due to the mega conditions  which would have made it too difficult to stay Legal below 2900m.  The return was easy to about Muñana, In fact, that section, about 60km out and return without turning could have been the fastest O&R section I have every done!.  However, thereafter and getting over the Pass presented us with more headwind.  I tried the right well to the N of the windmills, and Nigel to the South, However, not successful.  With me landing on the plateau nearish the Antenna at the pass.

Ian, a little behind Nigel and I also made Avila and most of the way back to the Pass.  Another PB for him.  Helen also cracked the Pass with a climb over 3000m, though unfortunately landed just before the climb that Put Nigel and I in orbit for the rest of the Afternoon.

Jamie also came over with Nigel and I but after a hard scuttle around near Muñana, landed nearby.

Marshal on his second flight also made Avila and back to the bend in the road.

For sure this cold have been a 200km + day for Nigel, Ian and I as we reached Avila around 2.30pm with a Cu filled convergence ahead. However, with cloud base 1600m above the legal limit it would have been reckless and foolish.  Luckily this was not a weekend, or we might have seen another dozen Online postings of illegal flights over 200km!

Posted: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 at 20:54 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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  1. andy keyes Says:

    Hi Steve, just to say I follow your and Puri’s posts and still think I’ll be back one fine day. As good as your season has been there ….our Summer has been dire, so its great to see you’re still going strong.

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