2 New PBs, 100km Out and Return for Johan and 54.8km for Nick on first ever XC

Todays forecast lived up to expectations with climbs to 3300m, light winds and strong thermals.  Johan made it back from 50km out to the NW of Avila, and Nick on his FIRST EVER Xc, made 54.8km.  Marshal also made it a good deal back from Avila to near the Pass.   An epic day.  Also nice evening conditions for those who had a less epic day.  And, on top off all that, Johan´s new glider arrived from Ozone.  Poor Johan, who is out with us for 3 weeks has been on my old Mentor 3 for the last week as Ozone failed in their delivery promise of a week before his arriving.  He is one of those exceptional pilots, like Ian Walker, who gets to fly just once a year, so it is all the more remarkable that they bang out these epic flights on their annual holidays.  Below a pic of Johan back int he landing field and of Nick at his field in Avila.  Also my quick character sketch of Johan with a slightly more aerodynamic skull now!Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 21.35.33Jouhan Nick

Posted: Monday, August 1st, 2016 at 20:36 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal, Personal Bests, Personal Bests (PBs).

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