4-5000m thermal tops day SW wind. Very very Epic.

A potentially remarkable day.

The inversion at 12 noon is 3800m which is markedly higher than the usual which is around 2600m.  Later the inversion reaches 5200m where thermals should reach if above 36ºC.  Winds at lower levels around 15 to 20km hour, touching 30 at top of climbs.  It is possible that the wind will come on to PN but we will go directly to Lastra as the last few days it has been coming on bit a little crossed and turbulent.

At the moment most of the week is showing record breaking conditions for this area.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you all to fly your PBs and 200km+ is a definite possibility.  These are classic central Spain record breaking conditions, however, with southerly winds sometimes the wind can be a little fierce at take off and that means the balance is between a 200km plus day or driving down in the van as the conditions may be too much for you.

Please bear in mind that the drivers, who will be with us from 10,30 am may not finish until the early hours of the morning. They often have to be attentive to us for over 12 hours or more.  Also if you bomb out at more than about 20km then you will be sharing the ride as the others are collected.  There are not enough hours in the day to ferry each pilot individually back to Piedrahita without the drivers having to do go beyond their endurance.

If you have not got a phone card in you phone you owe it to your self and the others in the group to get one NOW.  If you are landed without the ability to contact the retrieve in the event that the tracker misfunctions then the whole van load of pilots will need to wait around trying to contact you.  This is extraordinarily tedious at 10pm at night  after a long day in the air or in the van.

With S winds evening flying is not always guaranteed as the retrieves are much more arduous than with other directions and the wind will not necessarily come onto Peña Negra for an evening easy flight.  If the whole or majority of the group lands early, then we can try to fly on the S side in the evening if the vans are available.





conditions along track over time

airspace avoidance

routes around airspace. This directions are the best! We avoid e Madrid TMA completely


Posted: Monday, June 29th, 2015 at 07:30 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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