Excellent Open XC day. Light SW, 120km, plus PB for Ulric

A very hot day with lighter winds than yesterday and a little more around the west rather SW.  This should give us safer and easier conditions at PN.

At 12am the trigger temp is around 27 ºC, which is hot, and there inversion around 2600.  this inversion rises to around 3200m by 2pm.  It needs to get really hot on the ground today for thermals to rise.  They will.  However, come the evening then the thermal activity will drop off quite abruptly giving quite flat evening conditions like yesterday.

This should be a good day for getting to Avila, and with enough stamina, to Segovia.

What Happened.

Epic day with Jim and I overflying Segovia and deciding to land, Ulric back at 95km, and Bart at Avila and Ethan around 102km.  Epic conditions.

Sunday, was great for Ulric to with a fight to Avila.



skew 1500


winds at top of lift and track

conditions along track over time

Posted: Saturday, June 27th, 2015 at 08:01 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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