4 over the Pass then the day deteriorated

A heat low over the Peninsula and a cold front out to the N.  A SW flow which will give us the classic convergence and reduce the problems of getting stuck at Avila in a N wind.  Cloud base above 3500m though mainly blue thermals outside of the convergence.

This is a potential 200km day, however there are a few problems.

1. SW wind.  will it come on to Peña Negra or will we need to go to  Lastra.  A biggish decision

2. Airspace restrictions after Avila.  Not enough S in the wind to detour to the N like the big flights a month ago

Temperatures need to get above 29ºC for it to get good, but we should be on our way by 2pm.  if we go to Lastra in the air by 12 and at PN if it comes on, by 1pm.

Briefing at the house at 10.45 where we will cover airspace and a few other things.

Trackers are set up.  See web page for you number.



section over time on route to Segovia

Posted: Monday, August 18th, 2014 at 08:38 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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