Thermal tops above 3000m, more to NW

Yet another high quality soaring day for XC with generally light winds from the NW, so as you can imagine we will be held back at Avila with large scale convergence in the Avila valley with possible congestus in that area and thermal sources in excess of around 36ºC.

Not likely to be an earl start and wind nil at take off at 8am so we should be fine for PN.

DAVID AND JURGEN.  please turn your trackers on at 10.45am just so I can test them.  I will exchange them for other numbers today after yesterdays  problem.




What Happened.

Great conditions and a circuit of the valley for most, though Nige Prior,  Adam and the Tandem went over the Pass towards Avila.   I flew a tandem XC with Elias from Manresa  but  bombed at the quarry!  never mind.

Posted: Friday, July 25th, 2014 at 08:13 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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One Response to “Thermal tops above 3000m, more to NW”

  1. Ted Jenkins Says:

    Nice to know even the legends bomb out at the quarry lol

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