Another 100km+ for David. 4000m+ and returns from Avila.

Still under the influence of the Atlantic high with a heat low forming over the Peninsula.  The SW winds will give us blue convergence today and great potential for a big XC towards Avila and beyond.  The more defined wind should make going over the Pass and advancing along the Avila valley easier.  Early on  there is an inversion around  3200 then rising to 3800m later in the afternoon.  trigger temperature is around 29ºC-  As ing as it gets hot on the ground then it should be an epic day!



wind at thermal tops and track sec ion

secton over time


What Happened.

An amazing day with  booming thermals to over 4000m with Cu.  I flew with Simon on the tandem and we came back a little having problems finding sink  to get down in the Ambles valley.  Lancashire Dave got back almost to the Pass from Avila (Nigel and Mike also getting a fair way back).  Canadian Dave pushed on into the northerly (no clouds beyond Avila, and still made 103km.

Canadian Dave green. Lanc Dave red (O&R)

Posted: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at 07:52 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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