Stronger from south. High temp alerts. Wind Update 10.20 am

Update.  at 10am the wind still seems 20kmhr+ at take off and has swung more west.  It is difficult to accurately gauge the windspeed with the large windsock, since it is opened with a metal bar at the front and inflates with little wind.  However, it is bouncing around a fair bit.

West at Lastra is ugly.  There is a WSW launch, which is bang into wind, but is a walk of about 1km further up the track.  This might be hard going in the extreme heat we are going to have today.

Since the forecast looks equally or stronger tomorrow I imagine it will be best to check out the site in case the forecast is a long way off.   Since it is now across the PN launch rather than over the back, we could also consider waiting it out at the main site!


Winds looks much stronger from the south today.  Unfortunately tomorrow even more.  If we fly it will have to be at Lastra, so will once again brief around  10.45-11am..

With an un flyable strong southerly the winds  normally mix down to the valley by around 11am.  It the trees start blowing then then we can perhaps leave the flying attempt until the eventing.

At 8.15 am the wind at take of (the windsock) looks quite strong form the south.  The local spanish forecast has been showing 60kmh at 3000m and 20km /hr at 1800m.  Another big open distance day, but not really a safe one.

We have a speed  problem with internet early this morning so the maps may not be up on this first posting.


wind at thermal top and track

Conditions of wind and thermal heights at 2pm

Posted: Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 07:21 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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