Very high Potential for big XC flights. 150km+ for some, Avila and Back for Beat-

A classic situation with SW and a heat low formed over central Spain.  top temperatures in the 30s .  These are the ideal conditions for formation of the  SW NE convergence (there is an article about this no the website if you are interested) and very large open distance flights without the problem of NE wind at Avila.

Sometimes the problem is that if it is too strong the wind does not come into PN, bu today it is likely, so I hope we do not have to go to Lastra(S take off).Wind at 9am at launch is a light S, so will probably turn and come on.  I will check at 10.30 for final decision.  Today is more W that south , so we should be OK.

Be prepared for a 10.30 move, but I may delay to 11 if I want to stare at the windsock a bit longer if it is not obvious which way things are going.



winds at 1800m

cross section over time to Segovia,


What happened

As promised the day was epic, with base to 3900m.  Some, such as Beat finding this at the airspace restriction were able to fly home.  Nelson and myself went beyond Segovia and David well N of Villacastin.  Nigel took a sledge ride from 3800 m to the deck in heavy sink in Avila leaving him somewhat nonplussed.

some of the track near Avila


some of the tracks . Nelson Blue, steve Yellow, David yellowish green far N(downwards on map).


Posted: Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 at 08:43 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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