W- NW, climbs above 3000m,Avila and Back some. PB for Christine

The High over the azores still protects us from the low pressure systems, though we do have a bit of a heat low over the peninsular.  Every seems to point towards extremely good flying conditions for today, my only doubt being if the wind will go too north to go beyond Avila to Segovia.  Next few days are also big days.  Historically many of the really big flight have been made between the 10th and 17th of July.  Although the weather has not been cooperating as normal for the last few weeks, it seem it might finally be back to historical norms.  If clouds form they should be above 4000m.



cross section over time from PN to Segovia

In the briefing we will cover airspace for this track, also consider airspace more to south just incase we go over the back.  Also some subsidence issues after pass and on other side of gredos.  Also convergence, which we will get in Ambles.

What Happened

Geat conditions, smooth and easy. A but north in Avila some we came back a bit, best by Nigel, Alan and Kieron.


Posted: Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 08:32 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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One Response to “W- NW, climbs above 3000m,Avila and Back some. PB for Christine”

  1. Mike Thomas Says:

    Catherine, Gary, Bart, Nigel and Ted. I’ll be watching you with interest from my desk in London this week. Good luck with the epic conditions!

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