Looking good. NNW 3000m. Most over the Pass and to Avila.



wind at 1500 and track 1500hrs

X section to Avila over time


According to the trace the inversion has risen to 3200m,  and with over 26 §C we should start to get good quality thermals (about time!).    It seem during most of the day we have  a NW component, though moving more North at end of day.  A far more typical  forecast for July.  Should be good, but Avila will probably be the limit due to the north wind there, though coming back a bit or even all the way would be feasable


Mike´s Vids.




What happened

At last some really nice conditions, and the result, lots more success for all.

Triple time , height and distance PB for Gary

Here is Mikes arrival at Avila



Posted: Saturday, July 12th, 2014 at 08:42 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Personal Bests.

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One Response to “Looking good. NNW 3000m. Most over the Pass and to Avila.”

  1. Colin Hughes Says:

    Nice flying Mike, Have a nice holiday Mike, Nice video’s
    The Barco valley thermals are reserved for Steve, no entry for others, stick to the mountain

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