The Week ahead, Update Monday

Monday 1pm

1500 Monday

Cross section of Gredos

Airspace south


An active cold front is going through the Peninsula today leaving very unstable air behind leading to rain and storms.  The situation looks good tomorrow with capped instability.  However, although flyable winds are forecast, up top they are strong and it could get breezy.

weeks overall weather

I will explain why in the briefing, but N components winds make life difficult if you want to fly over 60km unless we go off down wind over the back of the Gredos Mountains.  Flights this way  can make life very complicated as I will explain, but our best option for 100km flights over the next few days until Friday.  In the past we almost never make these flights, but this week with 2 vans it is an option.   However, we will be baling over the back into a 1500m lee side, so there  are a few issues that must be clear, more subsidence and thermal suppression that lee side rotor, though we cannot discount that either.

Could be an epic week, and maybe a lot of Van time.

Monday morning.

Still looking similar as predicted.  Plenty of  lingering Stratocumulus which we hope will thin by 11am.  Quick brief about trackers at 10.45am and leaving for take off soon after IF the mountain is clear.  If not we will linger in the Valley until it starts to clear.

Check Follow the action page to see your tracker number which you will maintain all week.


Posted: Sunday, July 6th, 2014 at 18:54 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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