Spanish Nationals. Last day. Felix Rodriguez new Spanish Champion

Today we have a prefrontal forecast with moderate SW winds, around 20km/hr at take off levels and rising to near 30km/hr at 3000m.  It should mainly a blue day according to the Skew T, though with temperatures much higher than yesterday we will see some cumulus which will be quite deep in areas of convergence.   With ground temperatures above 28 degrees there should be Cu development.

Without a doubt this is a 200km+ day.  We will have convergence in the flatlands, thermal tops a little above 300om and a good tailwind to make for a very long flight.  All the ingredients to make a huge open distance flight.  Typical of the area during these dates.

HOWEVER, this is the last day of the competition and the prize giving is supposed to be around 8 -9pm, so we cannot of course set a very long task.

The wind strength will not allow any sort of fancy turn point scenario.  -we must go down wind as in other days.   The obvious task for a day like today would be a repeat of task 2, or Goal in Arcones.  However, we must reduce the distance for the above mentioned reasons.   Probably similar to yesterday at a maximum of 100km.

Conditions at launch maybecome hectic with the stronger wind than yesterday, so once again we need to get into the early, but no pre turn points due to the wind.   The same style start as yesterday is advised.



What Happened.

We never got off as although it was an epic looking day the wind never came on well enough at PN for a safe launch for the event.

Prize giving in the square that evening with the usual ceremonial ducking in the square’s fountain for the winners.  I was also thrown in an completely submerged, perhaps for the terrible weather forecasts over 3 of the days.  Anyway, weather is certainly looking up for this week.

Posted: Saturday, July 5th, 2014 at 07:56 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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