PB for Ian at 101.6km. Mention in dispatches.

Classic day with more Cu than expected by not much higher than 2600m.   I set a 100km goal for the comp, which was made by over 50 pilots I reckon.   Ian flew a blinder but got a bit lost near the  windmills after Avila and followed the motorway to the tunnel towards Madrid.  He could not make it out to the goal at Fuentemilanos, but cracked the 100km barrier.  Well done to him. He is Blue I am Red.

A better day tomorrow weather wise!

NB.  If you are reading this Bob Ginger, yes, it is THAT Ian.

Ians Oddessy

Posted: Friday, July 4th, 2014 at 20:03 by Steve Ham in Daily Report.

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One Response to “PB for Ian at 101.6km. Mention in dispatches.”

  1. Bob Ginger Says:

    I had no doubt it was THAT Ian Steve. 🙂 He is the MAN!!!
    Looking forward to joining him on his 100k flight next week.
    I’m praying to the weather Gods now! 🙂

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