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West wind. 3000m+ blue thermals

August 21st, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation Further development of the heat low.  Today we will have more wind from the west, approx 20km/hr at take of level.  This may lighten a little late afternoon and move a little to the NW.  Thermal tops above 3000m with principally blue thermals in the plains. What Happened I went off early but found […]

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Light winds and blue thermals to 3300m. Lots to Avila and PB for Chris

August 20th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation High pressure with a heat low forming.  Surface winds are very light and there may be a tendancy to the NE, though upper level winds are to the W.  It could go either way / for out and returns towards Avila or Barco.  Good quality blue thermals to c 3200m.  Another good day though […]

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Light NW going N. 3800m mainly blue thermals. Flights to Avila.

August 19th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

  Situation Relative stability and  a trigger temp at around 30ºC in the valley.  Light NW winds moving to the N or NE at the end of the day as a weak cold front moves through. Good conditons not happening till at least 2pm, then very good conditions and a good day for flying to […]

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Light N. Base to 3800m. Good quality thermals. Bills reserve ride!

August 17th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation The upper level trough going across the N of Spain will have largely departed leaving us with more stability in the upper layers.  Light winds (at PN at 8am very light from SE).  Winds early at take off NE and more W at altitude.  A good circuit flight day for Avila Valley and back […]

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SW going N. Only late evening flying

August 16th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation An upper level trough moving though the N or Spain.  Winds SW this morning and a little strong but reducing later in the afternoon and moving more to the North.  Base around 3800m and the towering cumulus hopefully reducing later in the afternoon. It could be a tricky day if the  wind does not […]

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WSW 15km/hr.Strong thermals and convergence

August 15th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation The reduction in the instability is slower than predicted a few days back so we may still have some exciting looking Congestus clouds forming.  XC potential is very high with good quality thermals.  The W component make is good for Open XC towards Segovia.  The problems maybe build up of cloud along the convergence. […]

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Fantastic conditions and 80 -90km circuits for many. WInds light from NE and W at thermal tops

August 14th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation The upper level instability has moved further to the East, so today we should have less chance of large cloud build up and showers,  though there will still be likely to be some congestus in convergence areas which maybe still problematic.   Light winds, most likely from the NE at take off early on, […]

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Light NE, reducing instability. A trip down to Barco

August 13th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Situation Cool air at altitude and the heat low gives us like yesterday another day of potential Cbs or at least large powerful congestus clouds.  This instability should be markedly reduced tomorrow and may even occur during today….but don´t bet on it! At 8.30 the wind at take of is SE.  This should start pulling […]

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Piedrahita-Belanlga de Duero 234km on Sunday by Godo Fedo

August 12th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

Well, Sunday was pretty epic after all.  Looked amazing from the van as I drove back from Madrid, and Chinnie did it some justice on his late afternoon flight to the Pass and back.  Bill will be annoyed to see that his bomb out at Villafranca put an end to something potentially very big!

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Nigel Page´s article on Piedrahita Flying Tips for Derbyshire Club

August 12th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Ham

This is an excellent article written by Nigel Page for the Derbyshire Club visit.  Nigel Has been visiting us for over a decade and has had heaps of airtime and distance here.  He is also the Author of 50km or Bust. Piedrahita PG Tips – Nigel Page This is a quickly written draft of a […]

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