Increasing SW wind. Inversion at 8000ft and max thermal tops at c3000ft


Section downwind from Lastra

With the depression in the Atlantic nearer and nearer the winds from the SW will be picking up by the end of the day and we will see more Cirruss.  Perhpas less Cu today and the winds early on may be acceptable.  Thermal tops at end of day around 10,000ft but an in version at near 8,000ft will mostly keep us below that level.  This is  a difficult forecast.  However, this week the Joint Services group really have made the most of a mixed bag of mediocre weather and have so far flown every day and we have seen a number of XC PBs.  Hopefully we can salvage something from today as well.

What Happened?

Well, we did get to fly at Lastra, with a take off before 12am in light wind with good thermal cycles, though only to 2200m. Ian was first over the back, and finally all did so, but for Peter, who landed out front (also Jerry and Oli, but who got away on the second attempt).  Modest XCs, with Ali the best with a home run back to Piedrahita.

The end of a good week, our first with the Joint Services, and managing to fly every day.

Such a feat will be very difficult in the week to come with tropical storm Nadine affecting us for the next few days.

Posted: Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 07:51 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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