5X 100km+. 3 PBs



Time /conditions to Segovia

High pressure and significantly less wind than we have been experiencing. The Wind at PN at 9am across the hill (not over the back as previous days), so it is almost sure to pull onto PN launch. High base in the plains after around 2pm with enough South in the winds not to give us too much problems to continue beyond Avila. Blue thermals to potentially around 3800m, though probably not untill the end of the afternoon.

What Happened?

A cracking day, though somewhat turbulent at launch and at top of lift. Only Rob and Carolyn bombed, the rest easily over the Pass. Tony first to Avila, though landing there, with Kevin on his new Mentor and Nigel further back.

Big climbs to near 4000m near Avila. Brian, Gavin, Graham, Stuart and myself taking a long route N to skirt airspace and get down below 3000m. An easy ride to near Segovia where we turned back to land in an easier spot for retrieve. PB for Stuart, Gavin and Graham. All first time over 100km. Best distance 113km.




Posted: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 08:08 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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2 Responses to “5X 100km+. 3 PBs”

  1. John Kingsley Says:

    Good luck all! Sounds a cracking day.

  2. Mike Thomas Says:

    What a cracking day, after all the unseasonable weather over the last couple of weeks. Well done!

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