Good XC day. 3200m SW and Convergence

The high pressure over the Atlantic to our West continues to stabilise conditions.  A heat low beginning to form to South over the Peninsula.  Good quality themals with around 15km/hr at take off level, perhaps 30km/hr at top of convectgion layer.  Mainly blue thermals with likely blue convergence.  A good day for flgihts beyond Avila as thermal tops are not excessively over 3000m (airspace limit)

Likely take-off time similar to yesterday.  Briefing around 10.45am at the house.


Skew T 1500

Time/Conditions to Segovia

What Happened?

Well, the wind never came into PN so around 4pm we ended up at Lastra which was amazingly not blow out.  Myself and Marshall first off and quickly to 3000m+.  We headed N to the Salamanca road but it was difficult to get up on the slopes to the N of the Piedrahita Valley.  Marshall found a field and soon 4 others were with him.  I managed to climb away, but with everone on the ground tried, and failed to get back up wind to them and landed in Bonilla near Julian.  Bill pushed over the hills to land in a tighter field, but near a village who plied him with beers.





Posted: Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 08:09 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal.

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