More W wind.

Skew 15.00

PN -Segovia conditions/time

Wind lift ratio 3 days

Winds 3 days

Once again high thermal tops though the increased wind from the west and slightly more stable conitions at lower levels will make things tricky early on.  No prospect of return with this much wind  -around 20km/hr at take off level, so open distance is the best option taking care of the 3048m NOTAM after Avila if we decide to go.

What happened

Well we had about and hour or so fly around infront/windward of the Big Spine but the climbs were to little more than 2400m and the wind increasing at lower levels so we decided to land out towards the hang gliding landing fields.   Bart the intrepid flew on down towards Villafranca looking for a more exciting landing.  His lucky socks gave him the best XC and kept him safe.  He can´t change them now till their luck runs out.

Barts' Lucy sock

Posted: Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 07:37 by Steve Ham in Daily Report, Flying Journal, Uncategorized.

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