High Quality XC day

The upper level trough affecting the North of the Iberian Peninsula seems to no longer be a problem with increased high pressure (what we believed woud prevent the Cbs yesterday).

We continue with the now typical pattern of an upper westerly flow. Winds at lower levels early on should be around 15km/hr west to north west. At thermal tops (2600m rising to 3200m) around 20km/hr. Thermal quality is high.

These conditions are typical for a goal flight to Segovia/Arcones or Open Distance. The wind will tend towards N towards the end of the afternoon which may reduce the potential.

Low level N still expected in Avila.

Convergence expected.

The skew T below assumes 28ºC max temp. The inversion at 2600m should rise to 3200m by late afternoon.

Skew T 15:00

The Cross section below shows time and conditions along a cross section of the route from Peña Negra to Segovia.

Tiempo/condiciones a Segovia

Conditions for next 3 days. Good quality though top end for wind speed tomorrow.

3 day forcast

What Happened

Much lighter conditions with the early inversion, but by the Pass climbs to 3000m.  Really really nice in Avila Valley – so unlike afew weeks back.  It seems the turbulence button has been switched off.   I bombed near Avila, but James on his 8 year old Nova Radon climched the day landing after Avila.  In the Tandem comp on glider in goal at Villacastin.



Posted: Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 08:02 by Steve Ham in Client Surveys, Daily Report.

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One Response to “High Quality XC day”

  1. Kelly Says:

    James is pretty good Steve, don’t feel too bad mate 😉

    Interesting your take on the Astral 7, my sentiments too, you know a wing is good when you need it low in tight, light & gusty thermals.
    If it works it is probably a good bit of kit. I’m on a EN B these days, the rise from AirDesign. I may be tempted to come and compete again next year in your back garden, just for fun though, those days are over & thank science 😉

    All the best mate

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