U Turn Black light – first impressions

U turn Backlight Peña Negra 26th June

Today was a good test day: a mixture of very gentle thermals, then later strong climbs with a decent dose of turbulence.  I flew the SM, so was a little light, maybe around 90kgs (top end 100kg).

The glider looks very nice and has all he bells and whistles you would expect from a newly released glider boasting a glide of 10+ (lots of strimmer wire, and fancy names like HPD, HPCD – you can check U turns for more info).   I was not able to make any decent glide comparasons as the only glide with others (a Mentor 2 (Andy) and Delta (Ian)) we were rushing downwind in huge generalised lift and hoping for a nice sink hole.

What I can say is that the glider coordinates/handles very nicely and communicates well the air around you but without giving you an overload of movement.  I felt at home immediately and as with  all good gliders , though normally more found on higher rated wings, the wing gave me that sense that I could anticipate and feel the air beyond the glider.

I would certainly put this glider at the top of my wish list if I were in the market for a new wing.  I have not been so impressed by a CEN B since the Mentor 2.

Posted: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 22:21 by Steve Ham in Equipment Review/Testing.

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  1. Jorge Says:


    I was hoping to get more impressions from you on the Blacklight. I am especially interested in how it compares to the Mentor 2 not only in performance but more so on ease of flying i.e. “nervousness in the air”


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