Rising temps, high base but still some wind

The deep low pressure still continues over the UK, Belgium and Holland.  Here the winds have reduced from yesterday, though still on the uncomfortable side.  The wind at take off at 8.30am is W.  Readings around the province and on the Plateau behind take off are generally light.

25th June 0000UTM

Skew 15.00hrs

3 day forecast

Track section 16:00hrs

What can we expect

Blue convergence in the Avila valley and strong, somwhat turbulent

Happy on the ground as the wind gets up

climbs.  The wind strength makes only one direction possible, but we must evaluate the risks of crossing the Pass when we reach the Villafranca area :  Strong winds and poor climbs – best to land.  Easy climbs to above 2400m – OK to cross but be prepared for a wild ride on the other side with these conditions.

15:00 Big Air

At take off the wind was a little gusty ad there was not a lot of enthusiasm to fly. It seemed that there was a fair amount of W wind and the Cus showed a lot of drift. Against my better judgement I investigated and found it to be very thermic though only a drift of around 15km/hr around the mountain. Flying upwind and more to the valley the lift was very strong and towards the middle of the valley I was getting up to 25km/hr winds so I landed in the flats at the HG landing. Hans and Marek also took off, finishing their adventure near Villafranca

Posted: Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 07:55 by Steve Ham in Client Surveys, Daily Report.

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