Thanks for all your support

After 9 days in hospital it was very nice to get home again. Thanks for all the support. The surgeon managed to get the hand screwed on palm inwards (thank´s Chris) and seemed a lot more competent than the last lot 20 years ago. My poor right arm has taken a bashing 4 times now (2X skateboard,1 X Hang glider and now my first PG injury).
Along with my old dinnerfork shaped Colleys fracture I now have a plated radius and ulna and only half a radial head. Still hurting plenty, not helped with numerous bumpy trips up Lastra and Chia this week.

How did it happen?. Foolish error of course. I decided to land in a field near my house (short walk, lazyness etc). The wind was unusual in that is was lightly from the mountain, whilst 2km away was on the hill in the town landing. Large Cu o the plateu had shut off conditons on the hill due to shadow, in the valley the appearance of sunshine was making it become too easy to stay up and some of the Cu was begginning to reach Congestus level. Smooth sink nr my house led me to believe I could handle the slightly more complex approach to the field than normal (The approach from this direction would not permit short landing options -buildings, fences, cables etc). Slight overcontrol on my left brake whilst turning to base leg caused a tip stall. I quickly sped up to recover but was now going fast towards the road and out of glide into my field and now boxed into the entrance drive of Falcon Crest with the option of hitting the entrance building or the cables around it. The glider was still occilating from the recovery so my full stall landing from approx 4m into the driveway was not as even as I hoped for, the right side stalling first and causing a slight right hand rotation causing my landing (impact plf) to have a small body rotation to the right. This rotation was nicely stopped by my right hand as it hit the concrete. Everything else OK but a floppy right arm, lots of pain and lots of blood (the Ulna made a slight exit behind my wrist).
One of my golden rules ignored!. Always go for the easiest landing option over the ease of the walk out.

Posted: Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at 19:30 by Steve Ham in Information.

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2 Responses to “Thanks for all your support”

  1. Mike Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the breakdown Steve and I’m pleased you’re back in the van at least. You’re doing well on the accident front considering how many hours you fly a year. I’d say post some pictures of the injury, but you can do without that type of advertising. 😉

  2. Andrew Keyes Says:

    Steve.So sorry to read about your prang,Piedrahita is still calling me back,so confident we’ll meet again! I have a confession in as much as I have a pramotor,that, and the fact I can take off and land at home is the only reason I’ve been away. Wishing you a speedy recovery(good time to take up ornithology) it is obviously going to be a while mending,sounds ‘orrible.
    Love to Puri and the kids…..
    Andrew Keyes

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