Back to (sort of) normal

After 9 days in hospital Steve came back yesterday ready to take over the guiding again and rather keen to be out and about. I want to thank all the guys and girls in the group last week (Nigel, Simone, Howard, Rupert, Paul, Kathryn, Bill, Liz and Anton) for being so understanding and such good fun . I had a fantastic time with them and I hope they enjoyed all the flying, which was quite a lot. Well done Liz for being the one that was always up there showing everybody how it could be done, and congratulations to Paul and Kath on the personal achievements as well.

Posted: Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 09:22 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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7 Responses to “Back to (sort of) normal”

  1. Liz Sampson Says:

    We had the most amazing week with some of the most consistent flying conditions ever, despite not having Steve with us!! I am sure had he been up there with us, he would have pushed us to achieve even more, but Puri and Jorge did a fantastic job giving us loads of safe and fun flying. Even though Puri had her work cut out running the show on her own, she still produced her mouth watering meals at the end of the day! Bill and I had done very little this year, but it was just what we needed to get us back in the air and restore our confidence. We were just sorry not to see Steve, but glad that he back home now, safe and sound. I am sure he will be back on take off, giving everyone his pearls of wisdom! Hope to see you next year, Steve!

    Liz and Bill

  2. Bryan Says:

    best wishes for a speedy recovery Steve, its crap being in hospital! glad you are now free! Pat

  3. Rupert Says:

    I would like to “second” Liz and Bill’s comments!
    As you know the week brought about some of my best flights and certainly distances ever, only made possible with some excellent guidance from Puri…thanks!
    Hope Steve makes a speedy recovery!
    I really hope I get back to Piedrahita next year!
    Steve please feel free to ask any questions about the beekeeping side of things, I’ll run them by my father as beekeeping is his business…it will doubtless take a few days for me to get back but I will.
    Take care, looking forward to seeing/meeting you all again,

  4. mike thomas Says:

    Glad you’re back at home Steve. I hope you make a speedy recovery. You all make a great team out there.

  5. Martin Says:

    Just seen the blog…. hope all well soon

  6. Dave Shaw Says:

    Glad You are out and about again. My little accident last June is pretty much behind me and I went flying in Slovenia in August. Hope to be back to P. as usual next year

  7. Cath Says:

    Thanks Puri for an exciting weeks flying with friends both new and familiar. I hope Steve is recovering well. Paul & I send warmest hugs 😉

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