I had an unfortunate accident friday afternoon, dropping very fast onto a slab of concrete near our home, breaking my right forearm in three places and dramatically changing my inmediate future life and plans. With three weeks of our season to go, Puri and Jorge will show how dispensible I was whilst I am on my little holiday in hospital.

Posted: Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 22:25 by Steve Ham in Uncategorized.

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30 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. Colin Hughes Says:

    Get well soon

  2. Bryan Says:

    Oh dear. Sounds very painful.


  3. Jakub Suchecki Says:

    Take care Steve.
    Greetings from Jakub.

  4. Nick Somerville Says:

    Dear Steve,

    Just heard about your accident via Mike Coupe. I wish you well for the healing and all the best too to your team and Puri for the remainder of the season.

    best wishes

    Nick Somerville

  5. Alan Russell Says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident Steve. Get well soon ! Yours aye, Alan.

  6. Martib Butcher Says:

    Sorry to hear about that Steve. Hope you get well soon. Martin

  7. Chris Jones Says:

    Oh no! not again….hope your year starts getting better soon. Have a speedy recovery and don’t forget to tell them that your hand should face inwards.


  8. Pete Douglas Says:

    Steve hope that wont put you out of action for too long. Use the time for doing all those things you’ve wanted to do for ages! Best Wishes pete

  9. jesus olarra Says:

    siento mucho lo de tu accidente Steve,te mando un cariñoso saludo y mis mejores deseos para recuperarte.un saludo de los chicos de Bilbao .

  10. Fred Says:

    Get well soon.

  11. Kevin P Says:

    Steve, really sorry to hear about your accident. Get well soon!

  12. Ken Wilkinson Says:

    Hope its OK and best wishes. You weren’t trying to recall your 80s hang gliding experiences were you?

    Ken W

  13. Reechforthesky Says:

    Booger. Pesky ground getting in the way! Get better soon Ole Bedmee Dood!

  14. Garry Taylor Says:

    Very sorry to hear about your accidient. We hope your arm mends well and that you are back in action soon, or least for next season as you are great to fly with. Garry and Catherine

  15. Chris Hopkins Says:

    Sory to hear your news, best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


  16. Bruno Croué Says:

    Tous mes voeux de meilleure et rapide récupération.
    On se retrouve bientôt en l’air 😉

  17. Julian Treweek Says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident Steve best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  18. Fiona Says:

    So sorry about the breaks – ah well, join the club … they do mend thankfully.
    Fiona from Bristol

  19. Mike Thomas Says:

    Shit Steve I’m glad you’re ok. Thank heavens it’s at the end of the season and wasn’t a leg or back. I sincerely hope you make a speedy recovery and it was your left arm, as you’ll have all that free time now.


  20. Paul Massey Says:

    Ouch- get well soon

  21. Ben Friedland Says:

    Sorry to hear that Steve, at least its the end of the season. I hope all gets back to normal soon! Bem

  22. Mike Rossdale Says:

    Hi Steve
    so sorry to hear about your broken arm. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  23. David Says:


    All the very best – heal well. If you need any x-rays…


  24. Julie and Alexander Says:

    Poor old Steve,
    When it stops hurting we will take the piss, but not yet. Julie is still dining out on her 2,800m evening restitution fly-down. Get better asap. Much love
    Alexnder & Julie, Brucie and Fifinka

  25. Pete Chalmers Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Ouch, sounds painful. Guess you will be thermaling to the right now with all the metal in your arm?

    All the best for a speedy recovery,


  26. John Kingsley Says:

    So sorry to hear you got hurt. In the course of your convalescence, if you should fancy a few days in Galicia and N Portugal, Rachael and I will be in Coruna on 7th Oct approx and in Povoa de Varzim marina (where you would be welcome to stay on board Voltair) w/c 10th October. Convenient for Porto as it is on the metro.

  27. graham Says:

    whow! what a popular chap,allthe best steve ,the trip with JK sounds good you would be spoiled,G

  28. John and Andrew Says:

    That sounds like a lot of hurt Steve and indirectly for you Puri.Were you trying to get home early for dinner and to read the Times Steve??
    Those damned awkward air currents.Get well soon and convalles in peace.
    Keep that chin up.
    John and Andrew

  29. Julian Robinson Says:

    ouch indeed – sounds painful. Trust you’re on the mend.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t make my usual trip to Piedrahita this summer – new job to start and all that goes with relocating to a new area.

    See you in 2012!

  30. Andrew Keyes Says:

    I may be repeating my self but,I was sory to read of your accident. My wife the radiologist says it’s a nasty one! Get well soon I will be back one day(been seduced by an engine) Just think of all the bird watching you will have time for! Andrew K.

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