3200m light winds, loads of PBs

The whole group went easily over the pass, only Rob getting stuck on the high point and after a long battle landing up on the high ground.   I made an easy crossing with Catherine, Ian and Peter, all of us fining a very big climb on the other side.  Bob was a little ahead, and Mike, Paul and Nick crossed as easily in a gaggle behind.  Comming up behind them Rod and Gary crossed alone.

Very easy gliding, with some W tailwind to Solosancho, then the NW NE convergence that runs between there and Muñogalindo enabled most to get high before stricking towards Avila.   Those who got nearest made some N headway in the convergence before flying to Avila.  From then around 20km N wind on the ground decking most on the approache withing 10 -15km of Avila.

Still a fantastic way to finish the week in which we had good conditions every day and generally made the most of them.  Looking similar for all of next week at the moment as well. 

Posted: Sunday, July 24th, 2011 at 09:55 by Steve Ham in Uncategorized.

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  1. Ian Newham Says:

    What a great week Steve.Thanks again for all the tips and guidance throughout our stay. Best week yet and looking forward to popping over again next year. Thank Puri for all the fine food and organising our stay. Kind regards Ian 

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