Groundhog day

Some of the spanish pilots said being here for a week was just like that movie.  Every day the same, same blue sky, briefing and flying day after day.  Today, pretty much the same, blue sky, but different as I got to fly.  Admittedly only comercial tandems whilst Jorge did the airport run, but 4 great flights with light winds at take off for most of the day and 4m/s climbs.

Some of our incomming guys have had their glider lost by BA.  Not good as it is looking just a bit epic tomorrow.

Posted: Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 21:14 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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3 Responses to “Groundhog day”

  1. mike thomas Says:

    Gliders lost by BA, what a mare! I’m on that same flight next Sunday, so would be interested to know the reason

  2. Colin Hughes Says:

    Hi Mike

    Hope you have a good week, should be as it is raining here
    I never fly BA as they keep losing things.
    Easyjet for me.
    They have never lost my gear, I can not say the same for me.

    Hope it turns up OK.
    Look forward to some vids.

    Is Pedro Pete not driving this year?

    Hi STEVE…..
    Could you order my gear befor you get to involved with the worlds.


  3. Colin Hughes Says:

    Sorry Mike, I see I did not read your remark corectly.
    I thought it was you that lost your glider.
    Have a good week

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