Low and slow to Avila and our first flights with the R11

A very nice forecast, but quite a lot of deep Cu and a base of only 2100 – 2300m. Three of us over the pass, my Ozone M4, Matts R11 and Arnies M4. We actually went over very low, maybe only 200m above, but with gentle conditons and about 11km of NW it was fine and we manage a climb on the lee side. Not so another R11 flown by Robert from Belgium who must have lifted his legs to go over and landed soon after. A slow run either bombing in the sunshine or having to move to the edge of the large Cu developments near the low base.
Half way through the flight I had a call telling me that there had beeen a cock up with the Notam in the Piedrahita area for the comp starting sunday. A stressfull hour with calls to the top brass of the Spanish airforce from my landing field in Avila. Luckily Paul Russell back in England got me out of the problem by comming up quickly with the required documentation which has now been accepted.
Lots of pilots turning up this afternoon ( reasonable evening flying, but windy early on). I suppose it will be busy tomorrow.

Posted: Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 22:44 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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