New Geese, ducks and spring flying weather

A splendid flying day today with light winds between N and NW and easy thermals to around 2300m. We had 3 flights, with a float to Villafranca and back. the photo is a shot of Marco landing at the bottom of the big spine.

Sunday our Goose finally hatched her eggs that she has been sitting on for over a month. She made the nest under my table saw and near the washing machine. Her husband Henry has been terrorising Puri every time she goes downstairts to get at the laundry. Today the family group have been pottering around enjoying the spring sunshine. Today being market day I could not resist getting 4 ducklings. We have had a duck (Manchitas) for a year now, but she is rather lonely. Our bird guard doggie Bitel has quite a lot more to guard now.

Super spring weather looking to last well into the weekend with the base set to rise.

Posted: Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 22:40 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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One Response to “New Geese, ducks and spring flying weather”

  1. Pat Rowley Says:

    aah, they are all sooo cute

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