Flying with Storks.

The conditions today were quite distinct form the last few epic days. A mashed potato sky with a mixture altocu, wave and convective Cus with a base of around 2400m. As the day looked as though it would deteriorate we went for an early start. Light conditions, though very nice. I had some fun chasing a group of young storks climbing to the clouds, practicing I imagine for the big migration any day now.

A fantastic early evening flight with smooth climbs to 2400m. I flew the new Sol Tandem once again, and really am beginning to feel I need to possess this wing.

This week’s group:

Posted: Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 20:32 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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4 Responses to “Flying with Storks.”

  1. Ana Eliza (from Brasil) Says:

    Ohhh so cool the pics of the pilots!But have one special pilot that i like much in this pic!Hakon!
    i hope that ur have a good weekend of fly!

  2. Paul Russell Says:

    Yes but you may prefer Colin ‘man of mystery’ much more!

    Keep checking the website, one day we may reveal the face behind the mask.

  3. Ana Eliza (from Brasil) Says:


    i dont think so!
    i prefer Haakon!

  4. Pat Rowley Says:

    I think we should see a full frontal of Paul, as we can’t see his face either!

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