Classic convergence day

An amazing skyscape with the convergence Cus running to the horizon. Tricky at launch due to early backwinds and dust devils. I did a tandem flight and was soon climbing to near 3000m is abundant lift. I found it difficult to land near Piedrahita so crossed the valley to find sink, which only happened after 8km of gliding. A shame it was a changeover day and I was waiting for clients to arrive in the afternoon as it was perhaps the biggest day I have seen this year. I am sure there will be a few 200km+ posting on the online XC contests.

Posted: Sunday, July 18th, 2010 at 22:55 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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  1. Alessandro Leonardi Says:

    First axiom of Murphy for paragliding competitions:
    “BEFORE and AFTER a race there are the big days.”

    Postulate to the first axiom of Murphy in paragliding:
    “The precision degree of the first axiom is directly proportional to the level of the race.”

    The hard life of competitors!



    But I enjoyed as a pig in mud!
    All wonderful!
    Many thanks for your professional work.

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