Classic conditions for last race of Pre Worlds

Seven consecutive flying days, and now on the last days the conditions have really switched on with light breezes and powerfull thermals and a base rising to near 4000m. With these conditions many of the large classic circuit flights can be made, but as we are on the last day and with the added pressure of prize giving ceremony at a respectable hour, I went for a 80km race around the valley. This is the typical race slowing zig zagging out into the plains as the day improves. The day did take quite a while to really switch on, but by the ends pilos were pushing fast along the last 20km of the route without turning.
A near photo finish at goal with Raul Penso and Ronny Helgesen in first. Things are tight at the top, and as the French pilots in 2nd and 3rd place missed todays task (returned to France for their Nationals) it looks as though Ronny may have taken the top place of the event.
On leaving goal around 5.15pm, there were around 60 pilots in, with more on their way before goal closing at 6pm

Posted: Saturday, July 17th, 2010 at 17:41 by Steve Ham in Pre-Worlds 2010.

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