Swing Astral 6. Very nice thank you.

This week I have been loaned the new LTF 2(CN C) glider from Swing.  Although I am a little over the top of the weight range for this one (95kgs) and the factory believes this looses a little glide due to the profil, I am still having great fun with it.   It seems such a toy and so safe that I got caught out for the first time this year with a full frontal.   As it seems so rock solid on the bar I find myself zooming around full bar even at the onset of a large climb.    I was keen to have a go on this one after the interesting review in XC Mag, and also the fact that Eva´s Swing comp glider kept here flying in the Cb at Manilla a few years back.

We can get demos for our clients to try out for a number of brands.   At the moment I know there is one of our clients comming out later in the year who wants to demo a Hook 2 L.  Unfortunately I can´t remember who or when.  If you are reading this, please sent an e mail to remind me so I can get it here on time.

Posted: Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 at 11:03 by Steve Ham in Information.

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